Thunder Bay – Rainbow Crosswalk At Bay And Algoma

Rainbow Crosswalk at Bay and Algoma would cost $35K

If the City of Thunder Bay goes ahead with the installation of  four “rainbow” crosswalks on Algoma Street at Bay Street, it will cost about $35,000.

The proposal for the crosswalks was submitted last August by Thunder Pride.

In a report to council, the city’s Engineering & Operations department recommends that if council decides to proceed, thermoplastic paint be used.

It’s more expensive to install, but lasts about five years, whereas other road paint must be reapplied annually.

Thunder Pride, which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year, favours the Bay/Algoma intersection because it’s central to many of its events. – tbnewswatch

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Sounds expensive. If you figure it will last five years and there are four crossings, then it averages $1750 per year per crossing per year.  How much would it cost to do it every year with ordinary road paint?  It has to be less than $1750.  If its less, then what is the problem with painting the crossing markings annually?  We do that work right now.

We already paint pedestrian crossing markings at that intersection every year.  How much does that cost?  That cost must be subtracted from the cost of the rainbow paint work.

I like the idea.  I also like my tax dollars.  They should be spent wisely.  Options are a good thing. The more, the better. Competitive bidding process is also a good thing.  Right now, we do not have enough information to make a fiscally responsible decision.  I suspect, that is not an accident.

If you don’t want the work to be done, make the preliminary estimate high. Do not provide additional options.

This one is in Toronto. It looks more like a rainbow.

Notice that the rainbow crossing paint pattern is not used on all four crossing.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Unreal, what next…..line up special interest groups and get free stuff!

    1. Trixie Mattel
      Trixie Mattel at | | Reply

      You a straight up hater bitch.
      I love dat rainbow shiznitz and so shut yuu!
      Who iz it dat yuu gonna take away my sunshine?
      It jus proof +++poz+++ dat you jus been closet sneakin’.

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