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No, its not the Mariott/Delta Waterfront Hotel. Its that addition to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Had the “fully funded” waterfront hotel continued with its construction instead of shutting it down in September, , the building’s steel skeleton could have been completed by now.  The weather this fall could not have been better.  Great weather wasted, millions of investor dollars sitting around waiting to be spent.  Makes you wonder just what the private development consortium is waiting for?  Hmm…A $120 million hockey rink?  Could be a long wait.

mariott2It will be interesting to see if hotel construction resumes in February as we were told by Gisele McDonald last September.  With no decision likely to be made concerning the funding of the $120 million hockey rink until after the federal budget at the very earliest and  later in the year more likely, if at all,  I am of the opinion that another construction delay can be expected. We can only wonder what the excuse for yet another construction delay will be.

The resolve of the ReSolve Group to build a waterfront hotel will be severely tested in 2016.

St. Joseph’s Hospital
St Joseph’s Hospital
Mariott/Delta Waterfront Hotel

The ice buildup on the Algoma Street sidewalk due to the daily or is it hourly?water discharge from the local business.  I wonder just how much ice will be allowed to accumulate before anyone does something about it?  Will the taxpayer be on the hook to deal with this EVERY DAY?  Will the property owner be told to stop? Will keep you informed.

P1140770P1140768 P1140769

Poo bags. I see them everywhere. People pick up after their dogs and then throw the bags away?  Usually into someone’s yard? Why?


Algoma Street between Bay Street and Cornwall need to designated as a reduced speed zone. That means posting signs and enforcement. With all the businesses, parked cars and pedestrians it makes sense from a safety perspective. Put up speed limit signs and enforce that reduced speed limit with radar.


The pedestrian overpass had a couple of cracked windows replaced recently. Not sure why now instead of last summer.

hometown hockeyMaybe the City of Thunder Bay is trying to impress Ron Maclean and Rogers Hometown Hockey?

windows before
windows now

I wonder if they cleaned the place up?  If they did, it would be a first.  Maybe Ron won’t notice the penis  drawn in the dirt?






I’m thinking the Waterfront Wine, Spirits, Beer and Personal Hygiene Products Tasting Club that meets regularly on the overpass will have to find another place to hold their next event.  For this weekend anyway.

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