Thunder Bay – Saturday

Another example of why trash cans WITH LIDS! should be mandatory in this city.

Yup….this city is a lost cause.  There was a time when you only children rode their bikes on sidewalks.  When you got old enough to ride your bicycle on the street, it was a big deal.  Today, most cyclists are stuck in the child rider phase.  Gutless.

Trash in context

Some Monarch butterfly photos

Should get around to fix this sometime before it snows?  Been like this for over a year and a half.

MV Federal Mackinac

Painting continues on the front of the CCGS Alexander Henry. Pretty sure this was not the way the sailors painted the ship.

MV Ojibway is still at Keefer Terminal

Taped over top of light post.  I guess someone finally figured out that having all of those wires and stuff exposed to the rain and people’s hands was not a good idea.

A wedding at the Gathering Circle or is it the Celebration Circle?  Its been called both.

A lot of fancy dressed people in the park today.  I guess the wedding party and guests were staying at the new hotel.  Must be rich.

Bride’s maids and mom?

Heard that the City of Thunder Bay has doubled the fee for the commercial operators using the marina because they were making money?

Of course!  Chase small business operators out of Thunder Bay.  Make it soo expensive to operate here, they will leave.

I think ALL boaters should be paying more, not just the commercial operators.  Rates should be the same as a private sector marina.

Boat being towed in by Coast Guard.


Trash in context

Looks like a favourite spot for people to leave their cups.


Looks strange without a large group of people consuming alcoholic beverages in here.

Of course.  Why would you not spray paint the window?

You would think that a person would notice this missing from their car or truck.  Brake rotor?

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.  There is a bike lane on the boulevard but I guess this cyclist did not notice it.

A real peeping Tom.  Get it? Peeping?

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    The MV Ojibwa is nearly 70 years old, perhaps it is awaiting being scrapped?

    Older boats likely cost more to run per ton-kilometer. (More crew, and smaller capacity).

    You photographed another boat awhile ago that is now gone – it was even older….

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