Thunder Bay – Saturday

A young crow in my neighbourhood

Pride block party this weekend. They are setting up at this moment.

What other city in the world allows people to take shopping carts home?

People keep them

looks like spiders have been busy in this tree

Grackles in the morning sun

Red-winged Blackbird giving some geese a hard time

Still the only lily so far


Thought this stage might have been used at the Pride Block Party. It was not. Maybe it was too small?  Maybe it cost too much?

Red-winged Blackbird

A Bald Eagle with a fish. It was circling around pretty far away. Best photos I could get.

Most bird watchers don’t get very excited at the sight of a Bald Eagle.  I am not a bird watcher and I still get excited at the sight of these large birds,

Hmmm….I wonder if this is off of a gosling?


Crow being harassed by a Re-winged Blackbird. The little birds are fearless.

Yup…something to look forward to.

The MV Industrial Skipper is still at Keefer Terminal

The MV Tim S. Dool is almost fully loaded.


Fountain is open for public splashing

Parking lot is pretty full already with few people splashing around in the fountain.

as is this parking lot.  It should be interesting to see what happens when summer heat arrives.  If it ever arrives.  That is when the fountain reaches maximum splashers and parking lots are busiest.

Not sure what is over there. I am not going to find out.

American Lady Butterfly

Duckling looking for its mother

Looks like something happened here

Another American Lady Butterfly or the same one I photographed before?  They all look alike to me.

This is why I do not like when people park their vehicles anywhere near this pedestrian crosswalk. Something that happens ALL THE TIME!

Parked cars block the view of the crosswalk for approaching vehicles.  Makes crossing the street more dangerous, especially for children.

In this case, the vehicles are not parked but stopped to allow the people to cross the street.

Pumping sewage out of the government building?  They are going to need a bigger truck if they want to get it all.

Pedestrian overpass trash

Great day for a gelato.

Trash in context

Back at the Pride Block Party.

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3 Responses

  1. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    Excellent bird in flight attack images. Not often do we get the chance to be so engaged with nature in the city. Red Wing Blackbirds are very aggressive when protecting their nesting area.

  2. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    OB – Do you only bring peanuts for one murder of crows, and not the other?

    They can recognize people, the ones you bring peanuts to are just calling others or signaling their appreciation…

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