Thunder Bay – Saturday

Five shopping carts in one photo. They are still there.

However, this is also five shopping carts in one photo. There is one way in the background. (Just in front of the pink house)

Here is a photo taken from the cart in the back looking at the group of four (you can see the blue cart).  Its a Renco cart. That tan building that you can see beyond the group of four is Renco.  That distance is too far for this person to return the cart.

Trash in context.  I remember Carling Brewery.  They amalgamated with O’Keefe and became Carling-O’Keefe.  They are now part of Molson Coors.

I figured that the CJ monolith was going to be one of these electronic billboards.

The other side is just a plain, ordinary, old-school billboard.

Yup, lots of dust

When will it be paved?  July? August? December?

I guess until the kids can fly, you walk

Fresh goose poop

Not sure what I was up to.

Nice legs.

Even with a mouthful of Mayflies, this female Red-winged Blackbird could still yell at me. How?  Her mouth was full.

Finally installed the handicapped parking sign.  It was laying on the ground behind the granite blocks for a month or so.

Hmmm…not straight up and down.  It has a distinct lean to it.

Her you can see the lean. Not possible to install light posts that are vertical? Plumb in every direction?  The base needs to be perfectly level.

MV Federal Elbe

The drifting thing has arrived.

Some green

Not much here though.

Parking lot almost full. Few splashers.

Trash in context

Big stage setup continues.  Takes quite a while.

Trash in context.

Alternative view

Trash in context

Alternative view

Trash in context

Lights for the boarders

Could not park in a worst spot

In front of a pedestrian crosswalk leading to a play area. Who cares, right?

Still a few of these around.

Trash in context

How hard is it to match the grey paint?

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context

New coffee shop opened on Cumberland Street

Trash in context

I guess it still works

Bikes are disposable in Thunder Bay.

Yup, those are dandelions.  True, they are flowers.  Not what you expect in a flower bed but this is Thunder Bay.

Went over to the south side of town. Trash in context.

Funny that a new Historical Museum is never mentioned. A $33 million art gallery. A $40 million indoor sports facility.   Centennial Botanical Garden?  Nope. A Historical Museum? Nope.

Two shopping carts in one photo.

Loiterers hanging around the far end of the underpass.  I had to walk to the other underpass next to the train station.

Trash in context

Entered Kam River Park via this underpass.

Trash in context

More trash in context. Lots of trash.

Looks in rough shape.  Still floating.

‘Royal Reserve’ sticker

Trash in context

Train is in rough shape.  I remember that you could go in it during Riverfest.  Not any longer.

The Great Trail does through here?

Walking to Westfort. This side of town is waaaaay hotter than the north side.

Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

Flew away before I could get a better photo.

Trash in context.

I grew up on Empire Avenue. Then in 1970, Port Arthur and Fort William amalgamated.  My Empire Avenue became Empress Avenue.

Lots of dust from vehicles speeding along the gravel service road.

Trash in context

International Harvester building.

Canadian and Acadian flags

Trash in context

I figure chrome always looks better in black and white.

Trash in context

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