Thunder Bay – Saturday

Update on the pet hydration station mentioned in yesterday’s post.  The 7-Up can has been crushed.  Not thrown in the trash though.  The crushed can was left at the hydration station.

Trash in context

Another cowardly sidewalk cyclist.

MV Federal Rhine


Colourful sails

Construction on Leased Lot #3 so far.

Doubt if there will be many fountain-waders today.

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Littering in the City of Thunder Bay is rampant.

Another empty beer can…in our park.

Trash in context

Something going on in Marina Park.

The pedestrian overpass today…

I think this is used for mix…


Looks like someone did their eating inside of the CIBC bank.  Left their trash.

Trash in context

Vox Popular has taped posters on every light-pole in the north end of the city. Will these posters be removed after the event?  Should be mandatory.

Looks like this light-pole base if finally going to be replaced. Its been like this for years.  Either we need the light or not.  If we need it, replace it immediately. Not two or three or four years later.

If we don’t need it, then remove it.  Look at other light-poles in the city that we no longer need.  Better yet, don’t install them in the first place. Why are we installing lights and traffic signs that are not required?

A bag of something.  I did not look to see what was in it.

Mouthwash bottle. Shoppers Drugmart brand.

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  1. Oscar T Grouch
    Oscar T Grouch at | | Reply

    You seem to know where everyone stores their litter for safe keeping out in public, maybe you should bag it up & dump it on the steps of schity hall?

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