Thunder Bay – Saturday

Miserable day. Windy. Rain. Cold. I am seriously looking forward to winter.  Its better than this crap.

MV Drawsko

MV Federal Churchill

Looks like a couple of juvenile Hooded Mergansers

Starting to dislike vegans. These ones are soo preachy. Hey, if you want to only eat plants, thats great. Plants are living things as well. I am not giving you grief for killing them.

Leased Lot #3 so far. You can start to see how its taking shape.

Another Saturday at the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office). Another day of lazy Thunder Bay parents parking as close to the front door as possible.  Does not matter if it makes life for pedestrians more dangerous.  Its all about them you see.

Parked across from each other. Since its only a two lane street, this makes it hard for vehicles to navigate their way through this area. Add pedestrians into the mix and you have a dangerous situation.  You cannot park on either of side of the street.  Why not?  Safety. Who cares though.  The City of Thunder Bay has never enforced parking regulations here.  Might as well remove the signs.

Hooded Merganser swimming into the wind.

Hooded Merganser swimming with the wind blowing from behind.

Not a good look.

Should rename the Festival area “LCBO Field”.

Some trash in context pfotos

Kelly’s rotgut wine cap in the pedestrian overpass

Another Kelly’s rotgut wine cap in the pedestrian overpass.

Dead bee.

Trash in context

Still doing something to the Lyceum Building’s second floor.  Not sure how much progress was made this week.

Does not look any different that the last photo I took.

Nothing in there is headed to recycling even though I see a lot of cardboard.

Installing fibre cable for Bell.  Seems to be taking a long time as well.

Trash in context.  Trash can located across the street but that is too far to walk.

Yes, that is a piece of carrot.

Memories of summer are fading away.

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