Thunder Bay – Saturday

Neighbourhood rinks going up.  If the City of Thunder Bay would put down an all season surface her, the boards could be left up all year.  The rink could then be used to play ball hockey or basketball in the summer.  Take a look at Charry Park in the East End if you want to see what I mean.

This tennis court is rarely used.

Not sure why these have been thrown away.

Looks like someone was relaxing here with a cold drink. Rekorderlig Wild Berries Hard Cider.  4.5% alc/vol. Swedish.

Water still pouring out of the ground.

Black and white.


Lots of these today

There are people born after Great West Timber closed down that will live their entire life, several generations will come and go, and this property will still continue to look like a post-apocalypse wasteland.

Who in their right mind would walk through there. Yes, that paper bag on the left has the LCBO logo on it.  Parents send their kids to Thunder Bay and this is what they do in their spare time.  All I see here is another lost generation.

Remember, you don’t get a chance to make a first impression.  The only Indigenous people visitors to the city will likely see are the ones hanging around the downtown cores.

I feel sorry for those kids.  They will be lucky to die of climate change. They are more likely to die because of the implementation of 5G or an asteroid colliding with the earth or a large solar flare striking the earth, or the sun going through a micro-nova event or a global pandemic, or antibiotic resistant bacteria, or a nuclear war, or the eruption of a giant volcano, or artificial intelligence realizing it no longer needs humans….I don’t see any signs in that photo mentioning any of those things.

If you want to have a lot of sleepless nights, watch the following videos.

A sign that the Salvation Army food truck has been here.

Running out of time to deal with this.

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    maybe the treats left out for homeless Halloween….?

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