Thunder Bay – Saturday

Went up to the Pumpkin Parade at Hillcrest Park last night.

swhen it comes to Halloween Pumpkins, I am a traditionalist. Scary look.

Pumpkins lined up on the wall.

Seeing as I don’t get out at night very often as I don’t want to be murdered, I took advantage of the situation and tried some night shots.

Black and white?

I will have to give it a shot this fall. Go out one evening with a tripod and see what happens.

That pumpkin on the top step looks verrrry cool.

Another sock…

Nobody seems to want to come here and collect their shopping cart. These ones have been here for months.

When I was a kid, chocolate bars were a rare thing to find in your pillow case.  Yes, we used pillow cases to collect our loot.  The candy we collected was all the candy we would have to eat for a long, long time. Remember Cragmont pop?  It was the Safeway store brand of soft drinks.  You might get a can of that stuff if you were lucky.

This is the problem I see with the new parking lots constructed on the south end of Marina Park.  This is off of the Pear Street entrance.  Left is the public parking lot.  Right is the hotel parking lot.

The problem is that the right is the exit to the hotel parking lot while the left is the entrance/exit to the public parking lot.  To get to the hotel parking lot’s entrance, the driver has to go left, as the sign directs, and drive all the way to the south end of the lot.  Few if any hotel guests do that. They may not even know that the entrance to the hotel parking lot is down there.  They just go to the first open parking space and park.

This is the parking lot entrance/exit where the previous photo was taken.  That is the Pearl Street entrance. There is a centre median which requires vehicles to turn right and go around the roundabout.  I have seen vehicles turn left and drive in the oncoming lane.  It makes the most sense that this be an entrance only.  Exit at the south end of the parking lot.  There needs to be a ‘no left turn’ sign here.

Basically, this entrance/exit is screwed up.  It was designed by idiots.  What else is new? The entire waterfront development falls under that category. Designed by idiots.

Twin condoms.

Trash in context.

Thunder Bay must be one of the few parks in the country where needles are as common as goose poop.

MV Federal Caribou looks to loading potash.

You don’t want to de downwind of that operation.  Birds?  Deer?  To hell with them.

Tug MV Point Valour heading out.

Federal Welland coming in.

MV Jamno

Getting fancy

Loiterers loitering in the pedestrian overpass. Use this facility at your own risk.  I do not. Not worth the risk.

Old grassy area.

New area

New grassy area. No handicapped access.  If you are tired of hanging around all of those handicapped people, just go up there. Wheelchair jockeys can only sit back and wonder waht its like up there.

Yes I am.

One of my friends (as long as I give them peanuts anyway) checking out a bag.  The wind was blowing it.  I think the crow might have imagined that it contained something alive.

Still there.

Trash in context. Wendy’s trash (a rare find in Marina Park).

More trash in context.

There best days are behind them.

Trash in context

There is a Tim Hortons nearby.  How can you tell?

A car wrap?

Wet plastic bag.

As soon as these go on sale, you start to see them laying on the ground.  I see new ones every day.

Remember people wearing a white poppy?  Pacifist created them.   I think wearing white poppy is a great idea.  I’d buy one if I could.  I am verrrry anti-war.

I doubt if the Royal Canadian Legion sells them.  You can make your own herehere and here.

Tomorrow, I am going to pick one of these feral poppies up. Maybe I will spray paint it white?

This one even has the pin.

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