Thunder Bay – Saturday


MV Federal Dart

MV Federal Champlain

MV Osogovo

Here is another example of someone who believes rules and laws are not for them. Jogging with dog leash in hand.  Where is the dog?

Not there yet.

Ahhhh, there it is.  Once again, there is a city by-law that states that all dogs in the park need to be on a leash.

Hard to know what your dog is doing when its wandering around behind you.  Is the dog leaving a big steaming pile of dog crap laying in the grass?  The jogger has no idea.   And so that steaming pile of dog crap does not get picked up.

Is the jogger in control of his dog?  No.  That is extremely irresponsible on the jogger’s part.

Its obvious that the by-law is not enforceable.  It is completely dependent on people doing what it says.  When people choose not to do so, then the by-law becomes moot.

All dogs should be allowed to run free in parks. In fact, they should be allowed to run free anywhere in the city.  The City of Thunder Bay does not care.  Dog owners don’t care.  If the law is not enforced, then get rid of it.

The Blue Morph Snow Geese that won’t leave are still hanging around.

They also don’t like to fly.  Walking is their favourite means of transportation.

Blue Morph Snow Geese tracks


I’m not the only taking photographs.

Leased Lot #3 so far.

Still nothing happening with the trains station.

No takers yet?

Still four left?  They must be the absolute worst condos.  A view of the hotel?

Yup. I’m in Thunder Bay.

Trash in context

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