Thunder Bay – Saturday

Bay and Algoma Christmas tree lighting yesterday evening

They may have had fires?

Left behind

Decorated the living tree at the end of the parking lot instead of killing one.  Makes sense.

Someone who got on the bus forgot this. The camouflage design made it hard to spot but my eagle eyes identified it immediately.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Someone did some electrical work in the parking lot?

MV Federal Baltic

Better photos of the Tundra Swan that is still hanging around. You can clearly see the yellow mark near the eye. The Trumpeter Swan does not have that yellow.

Mallards and Canada Geese are also still hanging around.


MV Irma

Snow cleared off of the fountain pond in anticipation of installing an ice surface.  Tracks were left behind.

Ice crystals

Trash in context

Looks unopened.

There is a sidewalk under that pile of snow.

Snow looks like whipped cream

Possible Christmas card photo. I would have to flip the photo. Could work.

Mazda truck. Needs some work.  Will sell cheap.

MV Whitefish Bay


Another possible Christmas card.

I could not get to a good location to shoot the rail cars without getting hit by a car. Best I could do.

Its a Walmart cart.

Not much room for pedestrians on the sidewalk when a cyclist uses it in the winter.  This will only get worse as the snow banks get higher.

Straight up, its a star. Tilted a slight bit and it becomes a symbol of the occult….maybe Satan.

Even dead leaves look colourful when the sun is shining. Add a blue sky….

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