Thunder Bay – Saturday

Ice beer seems to be appropriate today.

Beer can looks European but its brewed in Lethbridge Alberta.

A real cork cork.  Normally I see screw on caps on the street.

Tundra swan still hanging around

Trash in context

What washes up on shore.  Lots of plastic.

MV Algoma Conveyor

MV Irma

MV Wigeon

MV Wigeon with MV Algoma Conveyor in the background.

MV Fearless

MV Algoma Harvester

MV Algoma Strongfield

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.

Notice all the graffiti on the windows.  The city is on the express train to Shitsville.

Had some skaters on the fountain pond. They were told later that the skating surface was not yet open. It opens officially Sunday.

The entire city will covered with really ugly graffiti soon. Makes the city look like crap..but the people who paint this on every wall they come across do not care.  They have no skin in the game.  No one seems to care.

Why would anyone move here?  Why would any young person stay?

Remembering Remembrance Day.  Remember when these were a symbol of you honouring the soldiers who dies in wars?  Wars to secure or “freedom” from tyranny?  Now they are litter.

I’m sure it was a healthy meal. Well balanced.

Smokers are the worst litterers in the city.

Hey, its still good.  Must have been free.  If someone actually paid for it, they would not be leaving it laying on the ground. If its free, they just go and get another one.  Like condoms and needles and clothes and food.

Never seen this before.  Looks like Snickers flavoured gelato.  Someone bought it and then left it here? The stuff is not cheap.


There are trash cans in the downtown core.

A candy.

Lots of shopping carts.

No ice here yet.  Could be a while yet.  Temps have to get colder.

Someone building a canoe?

Just trash now.

Electric wires on steel railing…what could possibly go wrong?

Vomit or just a spill?  I was not going to check.

Still some red leaves out there.

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  1. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    Not only a real cork . . . but a cork from a champagne bottle (you can tell by the shape). I wonder what the celebration was.

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