Thunder Bay – Saturday

The sun was out for a while, then it disappeared behind a wall of clouds.

Thought the City of Thunder Bay might have gotten around to replacing this street light last fall.  Its been missing for several years now.

Insulating it for some reason.  Why bother replacing it now?  Its been absent for years.  No rush to replace it, therefore, I would say that its presence is not required.  Spend the money on something else.

Tundra swan is still there.

Sleeping with one eye open.

MV Federal Cedar

MV Kaministiqua

MV Fearless and MV Heerengracht.

Trash in context. LCBO bag in Marina Park. What a surprise.

Had to wait for this train to pass so I grabbed a couple of train car graffiti photos. The train was going fast so this is the best I could do.

I figure if a banana duct taped to the wall is worth $120k then a half-eaten apple laying in the snow has to be worth $20.

Possible Christmas card photo

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