Thunder Bay – Saturday

Something you don’t see everyday

Private plow jockey could have got out of the truck, grabbed a shovel and cleared this small windrow away.  Instead, life has been made a little more difficult for the mobility challenged.

Looks like the few parking meters that are left have been welded to the post.

Of course, then I fond one that was not.  This one looks like it shows signs of attempted cutting.

Out playing with one of their toys.

Trash in context

Someone has left some bird seed

First painted rock I have seen in a long time.

Moved it. Only the the most dedicated walker will find this.

Trash in context

Ahhh…Kelly’s finest rotgut wine in a portable toilet.  Its where this stuff belongs.  Remember to always drink responsibly.

Noticed this inside a parking meter post.  Looks like some sort of clip.


No clip here.


The City of Thunder Bay needs to get after property owners, especially commercial property owners in the downtown cores, to replace broken windows as soon as possible.  Some windows look like this for years.

City looks even more like crap with plywood windows dotted here and there.

Sigh….This one was caused by one of the city’s ace drivers loosing control of their vehicle


Hmm…looks like vomit…..

A street urchin’s dream


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