Thunder Bay – Saturday

Not sure why this is here. Nobody around.

Signs are less effective if left up when no workers are around.   Drivers will start to ignore them.

Fill a pothole. Pothole filling material flies out of pothole. Return again and refill pothole again. etc. etc. etc

Ends up on sidewalk as well.

No overnight parking allowed…except for vehicles that park there overnight….all the time. Obviously regulation is not enforced.

Wolf?  No, its just a dog that the owner allows to run free in the park. Leash laws are for idiots, right?

I wonder how the pandemic will affect these guys?

A couple of beers take the edge off of the pandemic.  No sign of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine though.

Observing social distancing?

Ride the bus for free. Have to enter and exit via the rear door.

Nobody murdered or assaulted here for a while now.  Drug raid though.

Renco Foods is making up rules as they go. The Thunder Bay Health Unit has not ordered stores to issue plastic gloves to all customers.  There is no evidence that this is effective.  What this might do is give people a false sense of protection and keep them from washing their hands after shopping.

A complete overreaction on the part of the store management.

I will shop elsewhere until this plastic glove thing is removed. I think its stupid. The gloves are awkward.

Snow sculptures today.

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  1. focal point
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    I am surprised Renco is offering this service. I would use the gloves if I shopped there. Pick the closest size that fits your hand. You might avoid being sneezed on but handling items on the shelves, counters etc might get you infected if you inadvertently touch your nose, mouth or eyes. Having the gloves on reminds you not to touch your face because wearing latex gloves is not something anyone uses on a regular basis. After handling and touching things in the store after bagging your purchase and exiting discard them in a trash can. Everyone should know by now to wash your hands after shopping when you get home. You of all people ol timer need to be extra careful. There is nobody around to take your place. We need this blog. Stay healthy Jon.

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