Thunder Bay – Saturday

Anything recyclable in there?  It doesn’t matter because its all going to end up in the landfill.

Soooo this is what those guys were removing yesterday.

Looking forward to Wednesday…A virtual Canada Day, Never seen that before.

Good looking strawberry

Another good looking strawberry

Seven good looking strawberries.  If they were part of my groceries and spilled, I would have picked them up and washed them.  Wasted food. Sad.

Looks happy

Silver-bordered Fritillary?

Tree Swallows still around.

White Admiral butterfly

MV Spruceglen

MV Johanna G

MV Frontenac and MV Lake Ontario

MV Najda

Pearl Crescent?

Orange Sulphur

Making more Ladybugs

MV Erieborg

Hard Iced Tea, Never tried the stuff. Last time I had ice tea, nobody thought of adding alcohol to it.

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