Thunder Bay – Saturday

Tin Hortons trash is everywhere

No its not the comet.  Salt or sugar or cocaine?  Not sure but the ants are not interested in it.


The Common Buckeye butterfly…again.

Another groundhog!  The sad thing is its hanging out in an area in Marina Park where people let their dogs run off leash.

Free food bag left behind. Don’t worry free food recipient…someone other than you will clean up.  Too much work for you.


MV Spruceglen

MV Tundra

MV Federal Sakura

MV Federal Yoshino

Smell the glove – Spinal Tap reference

Looks like there is a large void under this area. Water seems to be draining into it.

Its right next to the area where there was a cave-in this past spring.

The overpass today.

Typical Thunder Bay sidewalk repair.  Patches. Looks like crap but its cheap.

Only one shoe.

Can’t fly.  Its now cat food.

PPE trash

Tim Hortons trash is everywherr.

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