Thunder Bay – Saturday

Not sure who takes social advice from someone writing on sidewalks.


Never more than 3m from a Tim Horton’s cup…or cigarette butt for that matter.

A rare sighting….A Robin’s cup.

Smirnoff vodka?

Some still hanging in there

MV Sider Amy.  Unusual to see a ship facing out.  Ships normally go in bow first and then back out when loading completed.

Kelly’s wine cap

Racing taking place.

MV Oborishte.

Zellers had red shopping carts. No markings on this one.  Looks like a Safeway cart that was painted red.

Don’t people take these back for the deposit?


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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Taking shoplifted empties back for the deposit would only work if it was $1 per can. The bums are lazy.

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