Thunder Bay – Saturday

The things you see laying around this city

A happy meal?

Yellow bag in the trash.  I wonder what the end game is for the Dew Drop Inn and their free food program?

I am sure there are many people who can’t work. Old or mentally or physically disabled.  I would think these people would fall under some sort of provincial or federal program.

There are many that I see who are neither old or mentally or physically disabled.  They are young and unemployable.  No skills or education.  Sooo, how long are these people going to get free food handouts?   Fifty years?   Seriously?

Anyway, yellow bags will be banned soon.  I wonder what will replace them?

Lots of soon-to-be-banned bags here.

and hwere is one of those soon-to-be-banned plastic straws.

Sun lights up the fall colours

OK…strange bird.  A young American Coot.

An photo of an adult taken back in 2018.

If the City of Thunder Bay would clean up the remnants of the Pool 6 elevator

which has been laying on the ground for 20 years

then the public and any tourists which were unfortunate enough to stop here could use enjoy that waterfront land. Twenty years…..nothing done.

Marina closing up after October 15.

Some rose flowers have yet to bloom. Better hurry.

Painted rock

Noticed the patch.

Looks like the contractor had to remove and replace a section of asphalt.

Ornamental cabbage

Done for the season

Pedestrian overpass so far.

Trash in context

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    If the City of Thunder Bay would clean up the remnants of the Pool 6 elevator…dump offshore to make fish habitat…solved. Overpass rotted from all the piss and booze ….destined to fail in the future..again. How about no glass this time so it can rinse off during rains?

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