Thunder Bay – Saturday

Straws will be banned.  Not the cans though.

Ice patterns

Pool 6 fence is down.  Has been down for quite a while.  Sooo, I guess security its not that important.

Went down to the end of the Pool 6 pier.

Pile of concrete and reinforcing steel rods that was Pool 6 grain elevator…20 years ago!

Frost on the glove.

and on the toque.

A toque, a Ziplock bag and a condom. Must be a story there somewhere.

MV Onegro Rio and BBC Hudson.

Another gull that had a bad day.  Must be a large raptor around.

Still some flowers blooming

Not sure about these.

An interesting sighting.

Florida plates.

Tim Horton’s cups can be found even where the public is not allowed to go.

The trouble these signs are not located near the ‘multi-use trail. If you are on the trail, these signs are impossible to read.

Old Stumpy was around.

If crows or gulls won’t eat it, then why do we?

Makes me wonder why I bother recycling anything.  Is the recyclable material in there?  It does not matter as it all is going to the landfill.

My entire trash output for the year is less than this.


Disposal blankets?

Why?  Cumberland Street and Red River Road are not very busy.  There is no need to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk.

Trash in context.

Mandarin orange in context

Finally finished this.  Took several months.

Quality of work taxpayers got for the money they paid.

Good enough for Thunder Bay. Its not like the taxpayers expect anything better.


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