Thunder Bay – Saturday

On a grey overcast day, you make the best of it. You play the hand that you have been dealt.

Yesterday was garbage day.  Some of the recyclables spilled out of the bag?

Looking for colour wherever I can find it.

Finding them with the pin still attached is rare.  Its still good. Could be used next year.

Not seeing many yellow bags laying around anymore.  Maybe the Dew Drop Inn has asked people to bring them back on their next visit?

Lots of discarded masks laying around.

Yes, its full.

Something you don’t see very often.

Trash in context

See this everyday.  I figure there is a photo here somewhere. Maybe when the sun is shining?  Maybe in the winter when the sun is shining?  I think we will find out soon.

Trash in context.  Looks like a piece of foam insulation that has escaped from a construction site.  I have seen a few of these around the park and the downtown area.

Took a couple of photos trying to find the best angle.

This ones not bad.

MV Fivelborg.

Might be more effective if this was standing up instead of lying flat.  Since there is nobody around to enforce this, I doubt if anyone is abiding by the request to stay off the ice.

Looks like pumpernickel….maybe.

Thunder Bay must have more edible food laying around than any other city in the country.  Its what happens when its given away for free….or stolen.

Friday night’s alright for fighting in Thunder Bay.

Time to remove this. Its been two months…that is if the thing was put up in 2020.  It could be from last year.


Out of the camera. A quick shot of a bald eagle. Its a silhouette against a plain grey sky.  Not much there.  Soooo, I took it to photoshop. See what I could come up with.

I came up with this. I understand that its not really the image my camera took. True. But its an example of what is possible in today’s software.  I replaced the sky.  I lightened up the shadows. I ran it through the Topaz Sharpening filter add-on.  This is what came out of the other end.

Work continues on the roof of the Finnish Labour Temple.  Cold up there.


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