Thunder Bay – Saturday

If you could read this construction sign, it would be warning you about trucks turning ahead.  There are no trucks turning ahead.  Not been trucks hauling earth and gravel anywhere near this road for well over a month.  Yet, the sign is still there.  Amazing.  How much work would it be to come and pick up all the constructions signs?  Must be a quite a lot.

Hanging around the water hole.  I guess if you eat peanuts, you need a drink once and a while.

Working on those peanuts.  Gave them quite a few today as I will be gone for a week.

Ahhh, the life of loiterers.  Another busy day of loitering.

What was open water only a day or two ago is now ice….AGAIN!

Looks like there was quite a party last night in the pedestrian overpass.

Might be the one that was here yesterday

but this one looks new

and then there is this collection



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