Thunder Bay – Saturday – Diwali

Today is Diwali.  Enjoy.

Timbits is now a breakfast cereal (here). And they wonder why people are getting obese.

More fun with the sun

anchor needs a paint job

MV Narew

MV Maasgracht

I don’t think this Thunder Bay business recycles anything. I see lots of material in these trash bins that is recyclable.  I wonder if any businesses in the city recycle anything?

Well, if you tell people that they can’t work and you tell businesses they can’t be open, then you have to give them money.  If you are not prepared to do so, then let the businesses stay open.

I still do not believe that people’s behaviour has changed much in the last few weeks. It was not that long ago that our high salaried residents of City Hall and our TBDHU overlords were praising the people of Thunder Bay for doing so well in keeping the virus in check.

Its possible that what we are now seeing is as good as its going to get unless governments and the ‘experts’ that are telling them what to do are prepared to shut everything down again. Another shutdown might be the last straw for many small businesses that are hanging on by a thread.

The only businesses that benefit from lockdowns are the large chain stores and restaurants.  For some reason, none of them ever have to shut their doors.

Some trash in context photos

Tim’s has their Christmas cups out.  Christmas is going to be cancelled this year. Same as New Years Eve. You watch.

Mandatory mask photo

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