Thunder Bay – Saturday – First Day Of August


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…

Sock?  I wonder if someone was using it as a mask?

A new use for the Magic Cone.

I think this has got out of hand


They are everywhere

I get it. No use fixing it because its just going to get broken again,

Of course! Show ID to get into a restaurant.  Not bars?   Supermarkets will be next.  Not going into a restaurant anytime soon.  As the saying does, ‘never waste a good crisis’ and our governments are taking full advantage of the COVID fearaganza.

Cash will be next.  Gone. Then, if you don’t toe the line, socially or politically, the powers that be can cut off your access to your bank account.  One day, your debit/credit card will not work.  And it won’t work until you bend the knee to whoever is making the rules.

PPE trash in context

Market Square parking lot so far

There was a time this is the type of boat people owned.

Trash in context.  Imagine my surprise…people are drinking alcoholic beverages in Marina Park!

MV Federal Sakura

MV Federal Montreal

MV Cape

Your guess is as good as mine.

Ahh, the infamous yellow bags.

If I say that ‘My Life Matters’ I am classified as a racist.

If I had the guts, I would have a shirt made up and wear it.  Sadly, doing that would just make my life a living hell.

No more weekly offerings?

Really…who doesn’t?  Its the law!


Looks like more free stuff that someone decided they didn’t need.

More free stuff that someone did not want…

Trash in context.  From a yellow bag

More yellow bag trash

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