Thunder Bay – Saturday – Shortest Day Of The Year

Winter officially begins at 11:19 pm tonight. Shortest Day and longest night of 2019.

Sun was out today so I had some fun with it.

I wonder if its still good?  You can wash it out and reuse it.

Black and white.


Lots of these laying around.  I mean a lot of them.  They are everywhere.

MV Radcliffe R. Latimer

MV Federal Barents, MV Fearless and MV Federal Alster

Action on the waterfront.  Person on the ice!!!

There!!!  Hurry!!!

Have to go get the police and paramedic down at Pier 3.


I’m thinking this future leader of the country is under the influence of something.  Not marijuana though.  If it was marijuana, the person would be sitting on a bench, enjoying the sun eating a bag of  potato chips.  This person is on something else.

Police officer steps out onto the ice.

Im think the other person is a paramedic.

They ended up loading the person onto the rescue craft and retuned everyone to where the ambulance and police vehicle was parked.  Success.

Returning back to boat launch area.  Mission accomplished.

Lots of skater today. Nobody skating around when windchill was -28C.

Boot prints.  Is this where the ice walk event started?

Not where I would start walking on the ice. This was open water not that long ago.

Another trail.  Looks like something was dragged along.  Interesting.  I would suck a being a detective.

More prints.


Was it a hotdog?  A hot sausage?

The rest of the bun?

When you see all of the Tim’s cups around, you might forget that there is Robin’s.


Looks like someone got fed up with this Climate Strike sign.

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