Thunder Bay – Saturday – Summer Starts at 5:43 pm EDT Today

Last post of the spring of 2020

Apparently, stopping racism is not enough for the BLM people.  BLM is an extremely well funded global organization.  Actually, I should say ‘organizations’ to be more precise. We are talking about tens of millions of dollars.  Its not a grass roots organization any longer.  Its on the verge of becoming a political movement.

Its not called that any longer. Its now Indigenous Peoples Day.

Its what I try to do.

Jet contrail crossing in front of the sun.

Black and white

CJ trash makes its way into Marina Park

If you don’t want to cut your grass, just buy one of these signs.  Stick it on your lawn and relax all summer long.

MV Johanna G

MV Erieborg

MV Rodopi

MV Comet

Red-wing Blackbird. He wanted the crow’s peanut.

MV Spruceglen and MV Nadja

I wonder if these guys ever go out when the weather sucks?  I have never seen them go out in the rain. How about after dark? Maybe they do, but I have never seen them.

A metaphor for this country.

Needs toilet facilities

Not open yet.

Still some condos for sale? Must be the runts of the litter.

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