Thunder Bay – Scapegoat Of A Nation

Chronicle Journal, June 22, 2019

The man does make some good points.  Cat Lake reserve and KI are two examples of dysfunctional councils that are letting the residents of their respective reserves down.  Those councils, in my opinion, incompetent.  Plain and simple.

Calling them dysfunctional fails to capture the sheer hopelessness and discord that define life there. The fact that many tragic individuals end up on the streets of Thunder Bay is not the fault of the community. It is a cross that no other city, proportional has to bear.’

Think about what is like growing up in communities that are as isolated as many of the northern reserves. Imagine being a teenager living there.  Drugs, alcohol and solvents?  Violence? Abuse?  Then you come to Thunder Bay.  Get in with the wrong crowd.

Thunder Bay is a city that is not racist.   It is ‘an imperfect but well-meaning community struggling to deal with a federal crisis‘.

The same can be said for the Thunder Bay Police Service. The TBPS has to deal with  situations that no other police force in southern ontario has to deal with.  All while the word ‘racism’ is being thrown around the country like rice at a wedding.  Everyone is  racist.  Everything is racism.   Used often enough, the words ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ and ‘systemic racism’ lose their power.  Not so scary any longer.  How can it be bad if everyone is one? Even the library?

If the northern reserves were perfect, then I can see that they may have a point.  But they are far from perfect.  Not even close. Maybe these places need to take a hard look at themselves.  Expect more from their elected council.  Take some responsibility for their homes and the communities they are located in.  Clean up their own glass houses before throwing stones at ours.

Somehow, I get the feeling that no matter how hard this city tries, it will never be good enough for some people. Requiring high school students to take Indigenous language classes?  Seriously?  Optional maybe, but a course requirement?

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  1. Jake Gitties
    Jake Gitties at | | Reply

    The reserves were heading toward accountability, after the former Conservative government required band councils to publicize their budgets to band members…

    The current Liberal government inexplicably reversed this…..claiming that open audits were ‘white’ practices and hence ‘racist’

  2. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    Most caucasians in this locale flatly despise indigenous individuals & blame them for all that ills everything and have for almost 200 years. They have never needed provocation for these beliefs, it’s just a truth they have grown to accept as the only reality that has any substance to them.
    That is what is rooted in their hearts and minds & they will never ever change.
    A rare few in the next generations might let a tiny bit more truth and empathy enter their being, but enough that this freeflowing revulsion will cease to be a reality well into the next century? Extremely unlikely.
    Instead of racists, could we just call them ignorant haters? Or is there some other politically correct term that you would accept for the way dark hearts are will always express? If the racist shoes fit, why can they not be worn without shame, or it just the word that offends you? Racism is just a word to describe the way Thunder Bay operates & always has, but if you can suggest a more apt term, please do.

    1. mary
      mary at | | Reply

      cope out

      1. mary
        mary at | | Reply

        cop out

  3. Bill
    Bill at | | Reply


    Despise is a tough word. Did you really mean to use it? You say caucasians blame the indigenous for all the ills over the last 200 years? Did you really mean to say that?

    The nation has never seen an outpouring of goodwill for the indigenous people as we see today. How can this goodwill be harvested in an atmosphere of poison? Words are weapons. Careful how you use them.

    1. Tony
      Tony at | | Reply

      Mincing words is just another way of not being honest, and ensuring people holding myopic perspectives will never be held accountable for the cruel ways they punnish innocents. The atmospheric poisons you cite are already here, and calling a racist something other than what they are, doesn’t make them or their archaic perspectives disappear, you’re just allowing yourself to be bullied into lying about the painfully obvious. Words are only weapons if they fallaciously paint intentionally inacurate pictures, & only speaking a more exacting and nuanced truth will allow us to escape the clutches of the everpresent hateful leanings in this woefully flawed hamlet.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    “Tony” desperately needs to see a shrink!

    1. Tony
      Tony at | | Reply

      Wow Mr Anonymous, so brave of you to say and such a clever moniker to select.
      Try it next time with your real name and we can discuss this face to face.
      F’king keyboard cowards.

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