Thunder Bay – Secret Service Has Gun Stolen Out Of Personal Vehicle….Hmmmm Now Where Have I Heard That Before?

An interesting article that has a strong resemblance to an incident that happened here in Thunder Bay.  You know, the time a local police officer had his/her service revolver and three ammo clips stolen out of his/her personal vehicle?  The local gun crime that has disappeared from the public radar?  The local gun crime that has been covered up by the TBPD and the local media?  That one?

How Peel Regional Police handled the exact same incident.  Very different that the way the TBPD is handling this case.


Secret Service Agent’s Badge, Gun Stolen From Car

The theft occurred in broad daylight.

A Secret Service agent had his gun, portable radio, badge and other items stolen from his personal vehicle in downtown Washington, police said.

According to a District of Columbia police report, the theft occurred shortly before 4 p.m. Monday outside a downtown office building, less than a block from the agency’s headquarters. The agent parked his car and returned a few minutes later to find a window open and a bag missing, the report said.

The bag contained his service weapon, a Sig Sauer handgun, the report said. It also included a radio, hisSecret Service badge, a USB drive and handcuffs.

According to the report, a witness saw someone reaching into the car but didn’t see the person removing anything. Police are investigating but have not identified any suspects.

The Secret Service confirmed Tuesday that the report was accurate but declined to comment further. – Huffington Post

read full article here

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