Thunder Bay – Singh Vows To Help People, Including Residents of Northern Ontario

Singh vows to help people in the North

From clean drinking water for Indigenous communities, jobs in the north, to affordable living, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said his party’s platform will put people first, including those living in Northern Ontario.

Singh made a campaign stop in Thunder Bay Friday evening and spoke in front of hundreds of supporters at the Study Coffeehouse at Lakehead University.

After a brief campaign speech vowing to reduce barriers on education by forgiving interest on student loans and offering free tuition, increasing access to health care for all Canadians, as well as ensuring the wealthiest in the country pay their fair share, Singh took questions from media and addressed local issues.

When asked about boil water advisories in Indigenous communities, Singh said he would not accept any excuses from previous governments on why this issue has not been addressed.

“I believe we need to immediately move to address the injustice that has been happening across this country, particularly in Northern Ontario, immediately ensure that everyone, every Indigenous person has access to clean drinking water,” Singh said. “I don’t accept any excuse that says otherwise. I know it can be done. We will get it done.” – tbnewswatch

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…NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said his party’s platform will put people first, including those living in Northern Ontario…

Nice that he included the residents of Northern Ontario in the “people” category.

Just saying that his party’s platform will put people first would have been enough as all residents of Northern Ontario including myself assume that we are also people. Of course you know what they say about assume-ing anything.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    blah blah blah…same song and dance….Trudick said that yrs ago… now he is repeating the free stuff again. Jagme won’t do diddly if in until next election…so tired….will just abstain my vote… we really have zero choice…

    1. WEB DuBois
      WEB DuBois at | | Reply

      At least Singh’s not ashamed of his natural skin pigmentation and uses facepaint to mock other races like a certain racist Liberal party leader that shall remain nameless.

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