Thunder Bay – Six Months Later?

Two trunk water mains extending from the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant, which were successfully replaced last fall, are scheduled for commissioning today, Thursday, April 30. – Tbnewswatch

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Successfully replaced last fall?  Commissioning today? The last day in April?  Half a year after they were successfully replaced?  HALF A YEAR?  WTF?

A comment from the above article….

Doug Meyers says:
Perhaps an inquiring mind will ask what the delay was in the commissioning of these mains as it has been an ongoing process since last fall. Who dropped the ball this time and how much is it costing us? Somebody told me it’s over a million dollars over budget.
A million dollars over budget?  Could that be true?   I agree Doug…
Inquiring-Minds-Thunder Bay Edition_2We want to know…did this project go over budget? How much over budget?  Oh…I forgot….does this project’s budget have a negative variance ?
What do you think George?
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