Thunder Bay – Sunday

A use for feral shopping carts?  Not a good look for the city though.


Preparing for the Pride Parade today.

Trash in context with shopping carts

Trash in context

Going to visit the CCGS Alexander Henry

MV Industrial Skipper Still at Keefer Terminal

MV Federal Mackinac still at anchor

Harbour tour starting out

I’m guessing American Lady butterfly

Disgusting sludge made up of styrofoam insulation particles. grass, sticks and tree pollen

Trash. Looks like Smirnoff vodka

Trash in context


The majority of tape has been removed BUT……

Imagine just how much more attractive this area would be if the parking lot was green space?

If the condos and hotel were not there, parking lots could be located out of the way, next to the railway tracks.  There would be so much more park. It would be beautiful.

Beautiful day. Interesting conversation.  One litre carton of Kelly’s finest rotgut.  A marriage made in heaven.

This is the trash I see downtown.  All single use.

Off answering another alarm.  How many are fire related?  How many of these calls require a large expensive truck and four or five firefighters?

Looks like an apricot.

Steel Panther is in town tomorrow. Be prepared to party like tomorrow is the end of the world.

Of course. Its Thunder Bay after all.

Pride Block Party.  The parade has already happened.  This where it ended.   I did not photograph the parade this year.

My understanding is that the parade was very long.  I suspect there is a reason for that.

Heavy City of Thunder Bay and police presence in parade. Trying to counter the stigma of the OIPRD report. Showing that we are inclusive city, which I believe we always were.  Nothing is new here.

Team Hajdu was there.  Patty was dancing.

It was all being photographed/video taped by her team.  Probably see some photos/footage show up in election propaganda later this summer. I hate it when politicians use these events to further their political careers.  Politics do not belong here.

Interesting watch her ignoring the camera/phone.

Other photographers were there. He looks like a pro.  Two cameras.

Hat on backwards. Its a sign of a pro.

NAN police officer  dancing up a storm.

An eclectic mix of people.

Even the dandelions got into the whole Pride thing.


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3 Responses

  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    I like the NAN police officer – Blond, balding and bearded.

    Three genetic traits unknown in the people of this hemisphere at the time of Columbus.

    Unless of course you don’t have to be native to be on the force….

    As for: ‘….Off answering another alarm. How many are fire related? How many of these calls require a large expensive truck and four or five firefighters?…’

    A few years back during negotiations in Toronto it came out that 98% of calls could be handled by EMS.

    Fire has shrunk drastically since the 1940’s as an occurrence. It came out during negotiations, as Toronto counselors were looking at ways to cut costs (six figure employees who use million dollar trucks to apply bandages, and get cats out of trees)….

    But if you cut fire department staffing, what would society do for part – time plumbers, electricians, carpenters….

  2. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    OB..Thanks for pointing this out, I was under the mistaken impression that one had to be indigenous to be an officer in that force.

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