Thunder Bay – Sunday

I wonder why these buttons are not operational?  They were installed over a month ago.  Now they are being vandalized before they were ever used.  What is wrong with this city?  It seems like there is no rhyme nor reason why anything is done by our high salaried residents of City Hall.  They start construction projects and then stop work on them for weeks and months.  They install things and then wait for weeks or month before they are put into service.  They do not repair damaged infrastructure for maybe years.  The whole operation is chaotic at best.

Ooooo a balloon.

Likely fell off of a vehicle. Not sure what it is. Hubcap?

Trash in context.

Only as high as they will take you. I was offered a ride but declined. I have seen too many movies were these things break free, knocking the passengers unconscious only having them wake up days later in some uncharted land being chased by dinosaurs and cannibals.  I am not taking that chance.

Might still be repairable.

The silt fence that is supposed to keep silt from entering the wetland is still there…sort of.  It should either be repaired so that it does what its supposed to do or it should be removed.  As it is, its an eyesore.  Looks like crap.

What is supposed to go here?  The edged of asphalt is going to start to crack and break off as there is no lateral support.  Undermining will start caused by erosion.  I do not understand why things are left half done?  Did the city run out of money?

Why is this silt fence still there?  Its not doing anything any longer.  There is vegetation growing on both sides of the fence.

Remove the damn thing!

More green but still a long way from what I expect from the contractor.

Damaged by the contractor installing the light poles.

Be nice if the contractor fixed it.

Bluesfest line.

I figure if you are not willing to come early to be front of the line, then 1 pm is the time to show up.  You just walk right in.

Still looks like this.  Smells worse that the pedestrian overpass on its worst day, which is saying a lot.

Nobody in town knows how to fix this?  Then why on earth did we install it?   What is the point of owning a urinal that it takes a month to get repaired?  Repair should have been made the very next day.

The MV Manitoulin is at Thunder Bay Terminals.

Double Crested Cormorant

Very green eyes

Sidewalk cyclist approaches a group of pedestrians from behind.

Passes by without warning.  No bell. Nothing.

Trash in context

The Bluesfest expensive cheap seats. People parking their boats and listening to the music.

A bucket of needles

Just sitting there. Think there is any HIV or Hepatitis in there?

The Bluesfest cheap seats.

A parent with two kids watching.  Its just like television.

Shopping carts around casino.

These things are everywhere.

How does throwing this sticker on every object you come across going to stop racism?   All it does it make the city look even more trashy than it already does.

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