Thunder Bay – Sunday

Trash in context

DSSAB buildings have more shopping carts than some supermarkets.

City of Thunder Bay thinks this is attractive?

Sod is turning that amazing brown that tourists love so much.

Common Grackle

Not sure what this is but it flies.


Reaching out of the ground

Trash in context

Landscaping work done at the south end of Marina Park

Silt fence

Silt fence

Notice how the edge of the sod is higher than the asphalt?  Should be flush.

The sod was pretty much laid on the ground.  Seams should be flush. No raised seams.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Alternate view

MV Federal Yoshino

MV Federal Baltic


Yup…City of Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination

Yup…How much did Prince Arthur’s Landing  cost?  $71 million?  $73 million?

Think this sod has a chance?

Last day of the Salmon Derby


MV CSL Welland. The freighter, not the sailboat.

Sod patch is almost invisible.  Blends right in.  Turning that nice Thunder Bay brown that we like in our sod.

Sigh…There is a pedestrian crosswalk in front of those parked cars.  That is why cars are not allowed to park there. These two do not seem to care about that.

Trash in context

Trash in content

Trash in context

Trash in context

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