Thunder Bay – Sunday

Used to take photos of objects from the point of view  of the ground.  Looking Up.  Might give it a try again. The only problem is that I get a lot of strange looks from people walking by as I am taking the photo.

Trash in context

More trash


MOE boat Chris Jackson

More graffiti. Written in crayon.

Which God?

Another painted rock.

Moved it to here.

Might as well write off this grass.

Trash in context

Someone forgot this.

MV Federal Kivalina

MV Jamno

No recycling can here

Brew-Ha is over

Trash in context

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4 Responses

  1. H.Back of NotreDame
    H.Back of NotreDame at | | Reply

    Save your knees neck & back man….
    Use a cheap-o collapsable & pocketable bargain shop selfie stick for those lowdown shots, and yes every selfie stick works with dslrs, advanced compacts, mirrorless cams & the like, just unscrew the cellphone attachment & voila, instant lowslung tripod to get the dogs eye view. A portable tabletop tripod & or monopod & or remote setup serve the same purpose, but are perhaps a tad less intuitive on the fly.

  2. Cynical Sam
    Cynical Sam at | | Reply

    a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something completely irrelevant.

    Yep, that about sums up this good for nothing event for tipsy snobs that contributes exactly nothing to Lakehead’s community and culture.

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