Thunder Bay – Sunday

Not sure what this is but pretty soon the city’s trash will be the only colour there is.  Might as well practice photographing the stuff now.

Trash on context

Either some people picked up some trash around the park or someone dumped off some household garbage. The needles and stuff were gone so they may be in those bags.

Trash in context.

Trash in context

MV Jamno finally made it into port.

MV Federal Welland now anchored out there.

The snow geese blue morph that won’t leave are still there enjoying the grass.

An eagle waaaay up high circling around looking for some lunch

Snow Buntings?

Another painted rock

Moved it to here

When is a trash can too far for Thunder Bay residents to walk over and deposit their litter?  Its not as far as you think.

Trash in context.

Just liked the colour in the sun.

Roses keep going.

Never give up.

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