Thunder Bay – Sunday

Short day. Overcast.  Cold.  What can I say?

Can always count on the Fire Department to block the sidewalk while clearing snow from the parking lot.  Happens all the time. You might almost think that they don’t care about pedestrians.

Blowing snow.  Noticed a third ship tied up at Keefer Terminal.  We now have the MV CSL Welland, The MV CSL St. Laurent and the MV CSL Niagara

Why I don’t use the pedestrian overpass any longer.

Someone missing a hood?

The Swiss Army Knife of railway snow clearing machines.

The City of Thunder Bay needs to get the private developer moving on the train station in Marina Park.  Its been 10 years since the public has had access to the building. (other than the short lived Waterfront Taphouse)

Someone decided to drive through the snowbank and onto the sidewalk.  Intentional?  In this city, one never knows.

Empty boxes that once housed canola oil jugs.

The top of a bong?

Makes you feel pride in your country?

No parking meters, no use of the parking lot.  No money, no service. That is how this city rolls.

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