Thunder Bay – Sunday

Why is it that the streets are clear of snow and ice but the sidewalks are not?

You take your life in your hands when walking on these sidewalks. Most times you are safer walking on the street. Not Water Street though.

I have mentioned this before. In residential areas with streets that have low traffic volumes, the City of Thunder Bay should not bother clearing snow from the sidewalks. People can simply walk on the side of the street. Walk facing traffic of course.

Safer and cheaper.

I wonder what it looked and tasted like.

A fellow photographer enjoying one of my daily view spots.

Trying to create a dreamy feel.

Mask photo. This one also includes a glove. A rare situation.

Nice hoodie for anyone looking for one.

Local knuckledraggers took hand sanitizing equipment from CIBC ATM area and smashed it.

Apparently we are not all in this together.

Fine art photos

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