Thunder Bay – Sunday

Orange update: after closer inspection of the orange photographed yesterday, I have arrived at the conclusion that the orange was not eaten. It was thrown on the ground and stepped on. It is just another example of food wasted by people who receive it for free.

See a lot of these around. Part of drug kits that are handed out for free.

This section of Water Street between Cumberland and Bay Streets could easily provide a steady income for a company paid to repair water line breaks.  At least one a year on a short section of the street.

Broken water lines provide interesting patterns in sand.

Looking at his phone?

Ducks are now starting to make their way through on their way north

Trash in context. More free handouts that end up as litter.  Water bottles are numerous.

trying to find an interesting composition

Mask photo

Thunder Bay litter. Beer bottle and mask.

MV Federal Cedar. First salty that I have seen this year.

Cool looking clouds

Mask photo


Disposable masks have issues with their ear loops. A stapler could fix it.

Yellow bag trash that made it into a trash can.  Is there uneaten fruit in that bag?

Shopping cart used as trash can. Looks attractive. Who would not want one of these in their neighbourhood?

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