Thunder Bay – Sunday

A closer look at the ice lanterns mentioned in yesterday’s post

Sign is still blank.

I wonder what will happen to all this stuff if/when art gallery construction begins?  Should the Feds cough up $25 million, that is.

Looks like you can give someone a cup of Tim’s coffee for Christmas.  There is a label on the cup.

Same ships as yesterday.  MV Yalia

MV Thunder Bay

MV Cedarglen. Some of the ship’s history here.

These are the trees that the Bald eagles used to hang out on.  I have not seen any eagles on those trees for weeks now.

Looks like the GE appliances signs go all around the building.

Weather was warmer so there was a big crown down at the fountain/skating rink.

Another train roaring passed the waterfront.

Skater have to wait while the ice gets resurfaced by the Olympia….not a Zamboni.

The pedestrian overpass today

Spraying the overpass with Axe body spray is not going to work.  It will still smell like urine.

Elevate Pharmacy has its own brand of water.  Looks more like advertisement delivery system to me.

Lots of wine bottle cap paraphernalia laying on the floor.

and cigarette butts.  Lots of cigarette butts.


Parked vehicles blocking visibility at the intersection.   In Thunder Bay, this is allowed.

Its nice when major sources of trash that you can see laying around everywhere in Thunder Bay go with a festive motif.

It says “Merry Christmas” from Tim Hortons.  Its still trash though.

McDonalds…is sticking with old tried and true trash look.

Anything recyclable in there?  It does not matter. Its all going to the landfill.  I see a decorative McCafe cup in there.  I guess McDonalds is going with the Christmas motif style trash as well.

An empty poo bag.

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