Thunder Bay – Sunday and Monday


Not much snow out there. One week until Christmas.

MV Federal Katsura

MV Federal Shimanto

New light bases installed around Pier 3 parking lot.

Lots of them here. Five I think.

I wonder if any of them going down there?

No stopping…Does not say that you can’t park there.  Sooo stopping is bad but parking is OK?

Pedestrian Overpass trash collection.

People are too lazy to carry their trash to the trash can located at the end of the Pedestrian overpass.

The end…

Trash can on the right

Old Milwaukee can

I guess if you don’t pay for these, you don’t care if you lose them.




Maybe hanging these on trees was not such a good idea?

Looking up at a Christmas decoration

Chronicle Journal has a piss poor system for getting rid of their recyclables.

Get any amount of wind and some of it ends up along the fence.  More wind and its free to roam around the north core.

Newspaper trash.

MV Federal Ruhr

Still working on the lighting around the boat launch parking lot.

Phase One of Prince Arthur’s Landing is still not finished. Started back in 2009.  Still going strong. Must be close to $75 million spent so far.

MV Baie St. Paul

Looks like a contractor’s  piece of equipment nudged a a couple of rocks.  They did not move it back.  Why not?  Now there is a huge gap. Tax dollars will be spent to make a repair that the contractor should fix for free.

MV Baie St. Paul pulling into elevator slip  MV Federal Katsura at Keefer Terminal

MV Federal Shimanto

This is what bugs me about the pedestrian overpass.  There ARE cameras located inside of it.  One on each end and two in the centre.

Do they not work?  If not, why not fix them?

Bus stop sign base installed on the section of Court Street that was under construction this past summer.  It took a month for someone to get around to install it.  After all that time waiting, the work was done very poorly.  No pride.  City crews?  I expect better from them.

Another City of Thunder Bay zero riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. He does have a reflective vest soo pedestrians can see him?

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