Thunder Bay – Sunday – First Day Of Winter

Days are now getting longer.

Fun with the sun

A pair enjoying the warm weather walking around on the ice.  Not an activity I would recommend this time of year.  Much of the waterfront has been open water only a short time ago.

If the City of Thunder Bay and the Port Authority want to try and keep people off of the ice, erecting signs is something they need to do.

How is a visitor to the city supposed to know that the ice is off limits?  Osmosis?

The hotel is on the waterfront.  I do not see a single sign warning anyone about the dangers of walking out onto the ice anywhere in Marina Park.

I believe that without the signs, fining or prosecuting anyone would be impossible.   Anyone can plead ignorance.

Last I saw them, they went around that corner. Wish them luck.

MV Fearless

MV Kaministiqua

Banana no longer taped to sign

Its laying just below the sign. Tape is missing.

Granite blocks that made up a large portion of our waterfront park lose all of their attractiveness when covered in graffiti. Funny how this block manage to remain clear of graffiti for over 50 years.  What has changed in recent years?

I can remember being able to walk around the waterfront park and not see and empty wine, beer or liquor containers.  No LCBO bags.  Now they are everywhere.  What has changed recently?

Kelly’s on the scene. Its the rotgut wine that has made Thunder Bay famous.

No mistaking this. This is vomit. I wonder what the person ate that is red?

Clamato Caesar. A sophisticated drinker.

Not sure why this is laying in front of the Whalen Building.  Looks like it is important.  The bag has a lock on it.

Notice the spout from a terapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine in the bottom left.  I guess if you remove the spout, you can get every last drop of that precious rotgut nectar out of the box.

Mason’s. Very secretive bunch that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.

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6 Responses

  1. J_Friday
    J_Friday at | | Reply

    The red bag with the lock on it is one of the ones that are put on Parking Meters.

  2. J_Friday
    J_Friday at | | Reply

    They’re simply designed to keep people from parking in said spots during city events, (ha, yeah right, as if, what events?), or more likely a religious service, or funeral, they are not designed to stop someone from going all cool hand luke in downtown shitsville & swiping the entire parking meter head.

  3. Stu Griffon
    Stu Griffon at | | Reply

    Interesting how the emergency services aren’t all in an uproar when it’s Caucasians out on the harbour ice. What element is their skin pigmentation lacking that makes them immune from irrational overreaction?

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