Thunder Bay – Saturday, Sunday

Pretty quiet in the city right now.  Quiet on the waterfront as well.
These wires are connected to traffic signals?
Might want to protect them.
The barrier in front of this business was removed sometime while I was out of town.

December 19, 2016

Some social event taking place in the pedestrian overpass.  Not sure if it was a licences event. Anyway, I did not want to run the gauntlet so I avoided the thing.
Ahhh…winter at the award-winning-useless-as-tits-on-a-bull celebration circle.
A huge pile of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash…wasted on this thing.  It would have been better spent improving the festival area including a new stage/amphitheatre.
Three litter cans and one recycle can
Some recycling cans have green garbage bags in them…the same type/colour of bag that is in the litter can.  previous related post  here.

Makes you wonder about the City of Thunder Bay’s commitment to recycling.
No recycling cans here
Blue can…recycling?  Nope.  Sending mixed messages here.
The former site of Made Fresh.  Still undergoing renovation.
Sunday, January 01, 2017  Happy New Year!!!
Could have plowed this so pedestrians can walk across the street.
Snow makes the city look much cleaner. The snow covers all the garbage…well most of it.

You can still find it popping up along Water Street…in the immediate vicinity of the Chronicle Journal building.  Needs a little more snow to fall I guess.

Still not empty…and it does not accept paper.

Green garbage bag in a recycling can in Prince Arthur’s Landing.
Hmmm…no paper.  Why not?
shopping carts
Three Safeway carts and a Walmart
LCBO bags
I mentioned this before…what is that fancy windowed room on the second floor of the Water Garden Pavilion used for?  Can the City of Thunder Bay rent it out as an apartment?
Water bottles…why are people buying water in a city where our water is supposed to be the best in the country?  Maybe what is coming out of people’s taps is not the best in the world?
Another small herd of shopping carts gathering around a bus shelter.
Blue trash can located outside the shelter is too far for some people to walk.
..or what?  What will happen if someone smokes within 3 metres of bus shelter?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.

Sambuca?   Street urchins have discovered sambuca?

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