Thunder Bay – Sunday – Mothers Day – And The Sun Was Shining!

MV Beatrix


Strange. This goose sits in this marshy area all alone.  Its there every day.

Ring-billed gull

Tree Swallows

Red-winged Blackbird. They chase the Tree Swallows away from their nesting area.

Painted Turtles

Common Grackle

Interesting clouds.  Not sure what’s going on over there. Glad its not here.

Beaver was here.

May 15 is a Wednesday.  Not sure why the Pier cannot be open to the public before that date.  Seems stupid not to have the pier open on a weekend.

Beaver is busy.  Still working on these trees.

Trash in context. Its a McDonalds bag instead of a LCBO bag.

Four litres of Kelly’s Finest rotgut. Used a debit card.  Interesting.

Wiser’s Special Blend whiskey

A new toothbrush. Goes with the mouthwash bottles you see around the city.

If every business has one of these in the window, is that any different than none having it in their windows? I don’t think so.

Still closed after the fire last winter.

You can see that most of the trash is beverage containers.  Get rid of them and the amount of trash and litter will go down.

Looks like some areas did not Spring up to Clean up. Some of this litter has been here for years.

Texture galore.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    What is interesting, is very often, if you click on the HTML for the ships (and go to the page), you see that even if they are say Dutch owned, or registered, they essentially spend their entire working lives on the Great Lakes. (even their dimensions are lake friendly..) Usually all of their pictures are taken on the lakes…..I am sure there is more to the story in terms of their ownership, taxation, etc. etc…

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