Thunder Bay – Tbaytel Serving Up Shit Sandwiches For The Holidays


With Christmas Day falling on a Friday and Boxing Day falling on a Saturday this year, the holiday weekend will be four days long for many government employees.

Add to that half a working day Christmas Eve and you have an extra long, long weekend.

Why then , did Tbaytel leave this Water Street lane closed for the ENTIRE four and a half days?  For no reason at all?

Laziness?  Too much of a bother to remove the signs?  Too much work to take them down and then put them up again?  Do you know how much those people get paid?  Apparently not enough.

What I believe we have here is prime example of  Tbaytel’s “who gives a shit” attitude towards the Thunder Bay residents.  Towards its customers.

That attitude is the reason the company started to heavily bleed customers once competition entered the city.  When your customers see Bell Canada as providing better customer service, then you have done something seriously wrong.  Seriously wrong.  Basically treated them like shit.

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And you there City of Thunder Bay. Why did you not require this lane to be opened for the weekend?  Hmmm?…..A very good question that noobody will be asking.



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