Thunder Bay – The COVID Numbers In Context

Thunder Bay District Health Unit COVID Numbers as of February 6, 2021

Confirmed cases – 1051/0.72%

Active cases – 107/0.073%

Resolved cases – 917/0.03%

Deceased – 27/0.018%

Hospitalized – ? not sure what the total number is…less than 0.1%?

In ICU – ? not sure what the total number is…less than 0.01%?

What is the population of the area covered by the TBDHU?  – 146,000

How long has the area been dealing with COVID?  Since March 27, 2020 –  10 months and 10 day or about 10.33 months


We have shut down the entire city’s economy and caused untold social and mental harm that will affect people for many decades into the future because of a virus that has infected less than 1% of the population. A virus with an overall survival rate of 97.4%. That survival rate jumps to almost 100% if you are not living in a Long Term Care facility or do not have per-existing medical issues. Yes…

How much lower does Dr Janet “Coupe” DeMille want the numbers to get?  Zero is an unrealistic goal.  Reaching it is impossible.

A large number of those cases were in facilities where large numbers of people lived in close proximity to each other for extended periods of time.  LTC facilities, jail, dormitories etc.

How many people have ended up in the hospital? I have not found a total but that number is less than 0.1% of the confirmed case numbers for sure…

How many people have ended up in ICU? I have not found a total but that number is less than 0.01% of the confirmed case numbers for sure

Deaths?  Almost all of those deaths were in Long Term Care facilities. People who are highly susceptible to virus infection, especially respiratory viruses. These deaths could have been minimized had more stringent protection measures been take early during the pandemic..

Still, as awful as it may sound, it is very hard to protect the residents of LTC facilities from viruses of any kind. They all have outbreaks of various viruses and bacterial infections at some point during the year. Its what happens when you house people that are nearing the end of life in a facility with employees and visitors coming and going on a daily basis.

This pandemic should not come as a surprise to anyone. Experts have been predicting a global  pandemic for decades. Movies have been made about such a scenario. What had governments done to prepare for the inevitable global pandemic?  Nothing. Sweet dick all. Great!

In fact, the world governments and their corporate overlords have created a global economic system that encourages the spread of viruses. A system that makes global spread of any virus quick and unstoppable. Great!

What defenses had they prepared? None. In fact, the capacity of our health care system has continually decreased.  Fewer beds in hospitals. Fewer beds in ICUs.  Great!

And now we pay an extremely large price for the gross incompetence of the people in charge of our health safety and woeful neglect of our health care system by all levels of government. Great.

Now, these very same incompetents that have neglected our health care system for decades are the ones telling us that we have to suck it up. Telling us that we all have to pull together to get through this pandemic. You know…because they know best.  They are the experts after all.

We’re all in this together? Hahahahahahahaha.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    if you had elderly in a home you may get it…people that complain have nothing to lose…selfish scum…me…me…me…a good society doesn’t work that way… They care only for their selfish lives…fff everybody else….well I DON”T!!!! What a moron eh?!!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Our numbers are what they are because of what we have done to try to control it. Just look at the numbers south of the border for an example of looser control or to Sweden for an example of an attempt at herd immunity through uncontrolled transmission. These economic effects are temporary; death is permanent.

    1. bill westly
      bill westly at | | Reply

      well said…..

  3. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply you know numbers are made to lie.LIFE GOES ON? Pretty cold and callous….I see people NOT doing their best.. all the young pukes today think like that..hurry up and die so I can get your money and by Justeen weed and booze! Sickening World today.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    More of these Covid-19 updated statistics for the Thunder Bay area would certainly prove to be interesting.
    And once again…..back to lockdown mode for the holidays
    Let’s see who makes it through this round of lockdowns physically, mentally and financially.
    I feel quite certain those numbers won’t be published by mainstream media

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