Thunder Bay – The Bitterness Of Poor Quality

lowest-bidder-fool-picHmmm….Ontario has problems with its privatization of highway maintenance, particularly snow removal.

Ontario’s winter roads ‘less safe’ since privatization: auditor

Lysyk said she was stunned to find the Liberal government kept awarding the contracts despite warnings from Ministry of Transportation engineers that many low bidders didn’t have enough equipment to do the job properly.

Lysyk noted in the 43-page report that one low bidder “ended up costing more than the next highest bigger because the province had to step in and pay for more equipment to clear roads properly.”

She suggested the government start looking at “best value” for taxpayers’ money and not just the lowest price. – Toronto Star

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So…awarding contracts to the lowest bidder may not provide “best value” for taxpayers’ money…..hmmmm

City road work must be better

AS contractors prepare to descend on and dig up 16 city streets most in need of repair (drivers know the to-do list is much longer, but there is only so much time, talent . . . and money) it would help to know that city hall has thought about more than more of the same.
While Thunder Bay has set aside $18.6 million for road work this year, it seems safe to say that some previous work has been less than satisfactory.While Thunder Bay has set aside $18.6 million for road work this year, it seems safe to say that some previous work has been less than satisfactory.
Letter writers here have complained, for example, about manholes that are either higher than the finished pavement or lower, with obvious consequences; paving that breaks up just a year or two after being applied; huge puddles on fresh pavement with adjacent drain grates (too) high and dry; contractors who start work, then disappear for weeks at a time, leaving bumps, holes, mud/dust and homeowner frustration behind.
Surely road construction has come far enough over a century that builders can do — or be told to do, as a condition of the contract — better.  – Chronicle Journal Editorial

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and the City of Thunder Bay awards contracts to who????   The lowest bidder of course and like the province gets a shit product in return.  And how much has the local taxpayer had to shell out to fix all those shitty contracts?  Who knows?  We are never told.

I believe that almost ALL road construction work in Thunder Bay turns out to be a shit product.  Private contractors or city staff…does not matter.  They both produce sub-standard shit.  Who cares?  Managers? Supervisors? Employees?  Nobody cares and why should they?…they all will get there annual raises no matter what.  They will keep their jobs no matter what.  So why care?

“Good enough for government work” ….where do you think that saying came from?  Governments are notorious for accepting sub-standard work.  The private sector loves working for the government.

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