Thunder Bay – The “No Bargain” Beacon Is Broken

Interesting development..Pier 3 beacon lights stop working…

What caused the problem? Might ask Manshield Construction. My understanding is that the  company built the beacon’s base, including electrical.  That company might have an idea what the problem might be.

One thing that I mentioned before and noticed on TBTNews at 6pm on Monday December 22, 2014 again, is that water does not drain off of the beacon’s base. It just sits there.  That means the base is covered in water for long periods of time.  Water, as we know, is the universal solvent…..and it never sleeps.  Its always looking for a way in.

Water and electricity don’t mix. So there’s that.

November 2013
November 2013

I understand that the warranty has expired but I can’tr help but think that there is a flaw in the construction here.  I am very surprised that the City of Thunder Bay found this acceptable.  The giant nuts and bolts that fasten the giant piece of steel to the base are submerged in water every time it rains, or the snow melts.  Hardly ideal.   Photos below from previous post.

IMGP0034_1 IMGP0031_1 IMGP0030_1

We taxpayers paid for this work.  I believe we did not get value for money here but, hey, that’s just me. Its not like I was being paid by the City to monitor the beacon’s construction.  No…that was someone else.  I wonder who that was?

Maybe this standing water is the reason why the lights stopped working?  It si pretty wet out there.

City crews working to fix malfunction on one of two waterfront beacons

The North beacon's lights should be fixed by Tuesday.

Jamie Smith,
The North beacon’s lights should be fixed by Tuesday.


The waterfront may have looked a little dim lately but it won’t be for long.

Now standing at Prince Arthur’s Landing for three years, one of the two much-discussed beacons had a malfunction on the weekend as its lights went out. Prince Arthur’s Landing coordinator Kathy Ball said the sound is still working on the North beacon and city electricians are looking into why its lights are off.

“We should have power up and running by the end of the day today or tomorrow,” she said.

“It won’t be a big issue.”

Ball said weather might be to blame although the art installation has stood up to bad weather before.

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