Thunder Bay – The War On Pedestrians Continues

The war on pedestrians continues…

Pedestrian in hospital after being hit by pickup truck

A Thunder Bay Police Service official said the woman was walking along Cumberland Street around 9:30 p.m. when she was struck by a pickup truck at the intersection of Gibson Street. The vehicle fled the scene and was last seen travelling south on Cumberland. –  Tbnewswach

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Pedestrians have no way of retaliating.   Can’t fight back. Walking ducks so to speak.

I guess its the price you pay for living in a city whose drivers like to hit pedestrians with their cars.

I believe that should  you want to murder someone, do it with a car. The penalty is much, much less.

Thunder Bay is a car town.  City Hall bends over backwards to appease drivers concerns.  Police ignore almost ALL traffic law violations.

Anyone care about the safety of pedestrians?…fuggedaboutit.





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