Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Is Recognized As Youth Friendly City

Thunder Bay recognized as Youth Friendly City

Thunder Bay has officially been recognized as a Youth Friendly Designated City.

The City of Thunder Bay’s Recreation and Culture Division put forth an application based on the work that has been achieved in the area over the past several years.

The successful designation recognizes the outstanding commitment to promoting youth engagement in meaningful and ongoing ways in many facets of community life.

The Designation, awarded by Play Works through Parks and Recreation Ontario, and means the City has met the following criteria:

· Youth have options for play
· It is easy for youth to find out information about play activities in the community
· The community recognizes and celebrates youth
· The community formally commits funding for youth play
· Youth feel valued by their community
· Play is accessible to youth
· Play is socially inclusive

– Tbnewswatch

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Forgot four other options for play activities in our community:

  • public consumption of alcohol.
  • murder /dying.
  • robbing Macs/Circle K connivence stores.
  • littering.

These four activities are extremely popular in Thunder Bay, especially among the city’s youth. ,

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    what a joke…another Lib smoke screen….PLEASE!!! Can’t wait for the elections!

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