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OK….this is how things are shaping up at Prince Arthur’s Landing right now…(previous post here)

Man-Shield Construction, which is co-owned by two members of the private development consortium, Peter Belluz and Joe Bova, gets fired by another member of the private development consortium, Gisele MacDonald.

Hmmmmm…I think I remember posting something about Man-Shield and Prince Arthur’s Landing’s construction work before.

Contractor wasn’t meeting deadlines waterfront condo project developer says

ReSolve Group President Gisele MacDonald says Man-Shield Construction was not meeting their deadlines, which led to the decision to remove them as the general contractor on two waterfront condominium projects.

Each building has 51 units, and many of the condo owners complained about problems with the drywall and other deficiencies.
MacDonald said Manshield said the group asked many times for the company to meet deadlines and address deficiencies.

“They were falling on deaf ears,” she said.

There have also been construction liens filed against both companies over the past year. Local Man-Shield president Peter Belluz has not returned calls requesting comment. Pomerleau Incorporated will take over as general contractor staring Sept. 8. MacDonald said a change had to be made. – Tbnewswatch

article website here

The thing is that the condos are almost fully completed.  If things were falling on deaf ears, the time to make a change would have been a long time ago.  I believe the  timing here is VERY suspicious.

I believe this consortium family spat is all theatre meant to protect Man-Shield from the public shitstorm that will be unleashed when the waterfront hotel project and the private development of the leased land are eventually abandoned by the consortium.

Why?  Money.  I believe that the waterfront development will soon crash and burn.  City Admin is going to look like a bunch of country hicks that were taken in by some big city carpetbaggersThis is of course exactly is what happened (see event centre posts for other examples)

Man-Shield Construction, a company that makes money successfully bidding on City of Thunder Bay contracts,  does not want to be linked to the group that will be blamed for the oncoming fiasco.  That can cost the company a lot of money, so…..they get fired and….voila!… Man-Shield Construction is a victim of the evil consortium as well.

This firing of Man-Shield Construction as the general contractor also distracts the public’s attention from the fact that the waterfront hotel construction has been delayed…again.  Third delay? Fourth? I have lost count.

Anyway, yes…Gisele McDonald has announced yet another delay to the start of construction of the Mariott/Delta Waterfront Hotel.   Her next scheduled delay announcement is in February 2016.  What will be the excuse then?  Too cold?

Meanwhile, there’s been yet another delay with the construction of the Delta Hotel, next to the condos. Back in June, MacDonald said construction would resume in September. Now, she says, because of the liens on the project, the new time frame for work to resume is February 2016. There is no contractor in place for that project. MacDonald said that will be decided once drawings are complete and the project heads out for pricing.

MacDonald expects construction on the hotel to be complete by early 2017. – Tbnewswatch

Read full article here

Sadly, I believe that by February 2016, the private development consortium will be long gone. They will have run to the hills….

run to the hills     

Naysayers indeed…

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